Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, August 6, 2012

Transfer to Fort Payne

Hello family!
I'm getting moved to another zone. It's a place wayyyy out in the sticks called Fort Payne, which is about a three hour drive from where I am now. The Assistants will be picking me up at 9:45 tomorrow morning. They're moving me there because they need help with the Spanish members. I'm honored by this assignment, but I'm also very sad to be leaving here. I love the members here and all the people I've met and worked with. There are some amazing things happening in this branch, and I won't be able to see them happen. But, the Lord needs me elsewhere. I guess he's trying to get as much use out of me as he can in the extremely short time I have here. I'll either send the new mailing address home in a letter when I get there, or I'll just wait till Monday to send it. Exciting stuff!
By the way, when again is the next transfer date for BAW? Please continue to keep the visa in your fasts and prayers. A lot of times, elders actually end up getting reassigned to Alabama because their visa never went through. However, through impressions and answers to prayers, I do feel like I will still get to Argentina eventually. Your faith would be very much appreciated to help the process go as quickly as possible.
Camera hunt update: I actually had the camera for a week in Alabama. Then one day I realized that I couldn't find it ANYwhere. I've looked in the car, in the library, in the chapel, in my room, in my backpack, my closet, and I've asked just about everyone if they've seen in. And nothing. It's gone. I still have the extra battery, the charger, and the other two SD cards, but one was in the camera and had a LOT of pics on it from my last week at the MTC and first week here. I'm sorry you have to go through the hassle of getting me money to buy a new one and all that. I honestly have no idea what happened to it.
A very good thing about me being moved is that I'll actually get to have a trainer. Elder Thayne and I have been doing really good, and have finally started to figure everything out. But, like always, as soon as you're comfortable with your situation, the Lord just moves you to an entirely new one. Apparently, putting two brand-new missionaries together isn't an uncommon practice, especially for visa waiters. It just makes things easier, logistically speaking.
Other than that, I don't have anything particularly interesting to talk about. Hopefully all my stories from the last email were uplifting and inspiring. And Dad, thank you for that little quote you put in. It's so true!
Con amor,
Elder Jacob Bentz

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  1. Wow! All of his letters are so full of excitement. I continue to pray for the completion of the Visa. Thanks for sharing.