Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

Look! Im drinking mate! Ha jk, this was pablo's present for me. 

Crazy Argentine Chicken

It was so awesome to get to talk to you last week!!! You haven't really changed at all; just look older. I'm sorry that I wasn't as happy or talkative as you probably hoped I'd be. I've just been having a hard time, as you know. I too hope it will get better, and soon. We have transfers this Wednesday, so we'll have to see what happens. I've been in the same area with the same companion for about 12 weeks now. That's a long time! I think it's about time for a change of scenery. Hopefully that will happen this week. Seriously though, it was so great to talk to you AND see you. Even though the Internet where I was wasn't very good. I forgot to say thank you for the Christmas presents! They completely made my day. And my week (: So how's everything been at home? Doesn't school start soon? Holy cow, Taylor GRADUATES soon! Like, REALLY soon!!! That's crazy!!! Are you ready for that, Taylor??? I can't believe it's already 2013. This will be my first and only full year in the mission field. I keep wondering how much I will grow and change and what challenges I'll have to go through. I hope I'll be able to handle it, because I feel like I haven't handled very well what I've already gone through. Can you believe I'll be turning 20 soon?? I can't. I feel so.... OLD. Yes, I have documented EVERY SINGLE DAY so far up till now. I haven't missed one day. That's the one and only thing I've done perfectly so far on my mission (; It's actually been really helpful to read back and see how far I've come. That'd be another recommendation for Taylor. Keep a journal of every single day of your mission, even if it's just once sentence that you have to write the next morning. You'll be glad you did. Also, go walking. A lot. Starting exercising would be really good too. And no, drinking coke is actually AGAINST the rules in this mission. But the food hasn't been TOO much of a problem lately. What kills me is the instant changes between boiling hot and then cold. OHHH! I forgot to mention this on skype! You know what would be an AWESOME birthday present? Music. I need music. I was thinking maybe you could go through my itunes and put all my classical, jazz, stuff I made, and any other music that you think would be mission appropriate onto bunch of Cd's and send them to me. I would like that. A lot (:  Well, I think that's about it for now. I love and miss you all. Oh, and sorry I haven't sent pics for so long. I'll do that today.

The super market is called"Super Argenchino" HAHAHA.
This place is CRAAAZY. 

Our District

Juan Pablo, who I baptized yesterday.
Every single baptism I've had so far (except for one) has been kids!! =P
"Have mercy! Been waitin for the bus all day...."
You have to make sure colten sees this. He'll understand (;

Monday, December 10, 2012

Looks like I beat you again this week! I really need those details for skype  (the time you want to do it and how to find you), I only have this week and the next to figure it out. Please tell me as soon as you can, thanks! (: Oh, and I got your packages last week. I'm curious to know what's in them! This week has been pretty good. Though, I have been a little sick for the past week. It's nothing bad, just allergies or a cold or something. Everything else has been fine though, for the most part.  Well, I don't really have anything new to talk about.  Talk to you next week.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Dear family,
Yes, they usually do kill me in futbol, but I've gotten a lot better. It's more fun when I can actually hold my own against them! I'm pretty tired today, and not feeling too well. I hope it doesn't turn into something more. But the good part about today is we had a practice for the Christmas pday program we're going to have. We're all singing Carol of the Bells, Guard Him Joseph, I'm playing my What Child Is This, doing a duet with another sister missionary, and doing a version of where are you Christmas with elder Sturgell on guitar and some other missionaries. Speaking of Christmas, I found a computer of a member to use to skype you Christmas day!!! I'll just need to know what time you'd want me to do it (remember Argentina time is 4 hours ahead) and what I'd need to type in to find you on skype. I'm pretty excited for that (: About the ipod adaptor, it quit working one day so I got rid of it. Sorry! We actually don't have a bedé in our apartment. It's pretty rare to find one in this part of town, and if they do have one they don't use it. It's a rich people thing, so they tell me. So, I haven't had the ¨luxury¨ of being able to use one yet (; Honestly, I have wayyy more than enough money. And if someone does send me money, there's a whole process to get it changed into pesos, and it's a pain. So in other words, don't send me money (: Well, other than that I really don't have anything else to say. I'm just here trying to take it day by day. It's really hard sometimes, but I'm not planning on coming home till 2014 (; I love you all!

Elder Bentz and Elder Tolaba