Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, May 27, 2013

Insane Week...

WEll. Holllyyyyyy cowwwww. I have had the most INsane week of my
entire life. Not even exaggerating. Right now its 7:00 here, and we're
just now getting to do email. I'll explain why. So early this week,
they reopened an area that had been closed. So, they brought an elder
and a mini missionary in to work there in the middle of the transfer.
They called us at 10:20 at night to tell us they's be moving in with
us the next morning. Then today, we went down to the offices with them
to get a bunch of stuff they needed. While we were starting to do
Internet down there, we get another call telling us that they are now
closing the area because another elder in another zone got the visa he
was waiting for, and they couldn't find another mini missionary to be
his companion. SOOO, we had to come ALL the way back home, pack up
their stuff, then go all the way back to the offices with the elder,
and then back home again. Yeah. And that's just the icing on the
craziness cake. Monday. We get on the wrong train to go to the
offices, and when we finally get there, there's a sign on the door
saying that the offices now close at 1:00 in the afternoon. It was
2:00 when we got there. Tuesday. We spend half the day helping the new
elders move in and get them all situated. Wednesday. I ran (not
joking) 15 blocks to a members house with a bathroom because I was
about to dump a load in my pants. It was LITERALLY starting to come
out. I made it though. Juuuuust barely. It was a horrible experience
-_- The rest of the week was basically spent organizing the baptism we
weren't even sure we were going to have. We had to convince the mom
that the kids were ready. Oh yeah, by the way, we baptized three this
weekend. A girl of 14, a girl of 11, and a boy of 8. They're the kids
of an inactive sister. It took everything we had to convince her they
were ready. But we convinced her. Those three were the only ones that
made it to their baptism. It went really well though. I baptized the
little girl of 11 years. She's such a little sweetheart. I also sang
"Asombro me da." (I stand all amazed), one of my favorite hymns. I've
gotten a LOT better at singing on my mission. Well, I wish I could
send pictures, but the computer I'm using is ghetto, so I can't. Till
next time. There's about ten billion other things that happened this
week, but I can't remember any. I'm glad everyone at home is doing
well. I'm sorry that people are sick. Speaking of which, I was sick
too! I had a nasty cold which turned into a sinus infection. I'm
mostly better now though. Well, this week is looking like it might be
just as crazy as the last, so we'll see what happens. We get to go
listen to Elder Quentin L. Cook on Wednesday! I'm pretty excited about
that. okay, I'll talk to everyone next week. I love you all!

Me and Elder Call

Monday, May 20, 2013

Home Sweet Home

HAha thanks for all the pics! They were awesome. Can you believe that I was at that some concert a year ago? Wow... DAAAANG! Sydney made that???!!! That's rreeaaally good. Better than I could ever do!!! Well, nothing much to report this week. It was all pretty normal, other than it being FREEZING cold!!! Especially in the apartment. We have two little heaters, but they barely do any good because the apartment's huge. But it's okay, I've got like 5 blankets I sleep under, so I stay nice and warm when I sleep. It's just the getting up that sucks. And getting out of the shower... So we should have some baptisms coming up here pretty soon. We're pretty excited about that. Elder Call and I still get along really well. I get along better with him than I have with any of my other companions. We have a lot of fun. Well, I've got some pictures to send, so I'll get on that. I love you all!

this is called "asado." Argentine BBQ
two kinds of sausage.
One is called "Chorriso" and the other is called "morsilla."
Morsilla is blood sausage

doggy in a stroller

I found this in our house... haha

this is up on our roof

the front door and steps leading up to the roof.
The whole house is on the second floor

La cocina

the main room where we sleep

instead of trash cans, this is what they put their garbage in.
I think it's so the dogs don't come make a mess of it.
me and elder call

this is "El Gauchito Gil."
It's an idol that a lot of people here worship.

Monday, May 13, 2013

It always works out in the end...


It was SO awesome to get to see all of you too!!! You've all grown up
a ton (dad especiallly =P haha). It's been a whole year!!! ALREADY!
Time's going sooo fast. Yes, I am happy. Oh! So I have to tell you
what happened last night right after I got off skyp with you. So we
left the bishop's house, and we still needed to find three new
investigators. I was thinking reaaaaally hard about where we could go
to find them. I had not a single idea. Then we walked by the house of
this lady who we'd been trying to talk to for weeks and weeks, but was
never there. I had a feeling we should give it one more try. So we
knocked, and she came out, and let us in with two of her kids there!
They are an awesome family. A WHOLE family too! Married and
everything. The husband wasn't there but we'll talk to him another
day. I showed them the pictures of you all and told them how I just
got done talking with you and how big of a sacrifice it was. It
touched them pretty deeply. Then we had a very spiritual lesson about
baptism. At the very last possible second, everything worked out.
PERFECTLY. When I wasn't sure if it would. I think God's trying to get
it through my thick skull that he's in control and he knows exactly
what he's doing. I just need to not worry, and keep moving forward. I
challenge all of you to do the same in your own lives. Don't worry
about things so much, it ALWAYS works out in the end. Well again, it
was great to see you all. Just a reminder about things for the
package(s): Electric razor, socks, franks red hot sauce, more music
(like my regional choir songs, the other songs I made, scott joplin,
and anything else you can think of), and speakers. I think that was
it.... Unfortunately, there will be no picture again this week ):
Well, I hope everyone is doing fantastic and that you have a great
week. I love you all!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Holy Socks and Baptismal Dates


Thanks for all the pictures!! I loved them all, especially the one with the truck all painted. Lisa always did that to me!!! haha. Sounds good, I'll be calling anywhere between 6:30-7:00 my time. Have the computer ready, I'll be skyping. The connection will be a lot better this time too (; I know! I'm already half way done. I can't even believe it. I've changed a lot. And I'm sure I'll be changing even more in the next year. All changes for the better, of course. So, something really amazing happened this last Sunday. We had 8 investigators in church, thanks to the help of some members ( that's awesome, but that's not the amazing thing I'm talking about), and after church ended, we gathered them all up and took them into the room with the baptismal font. We had a lesson with 7 of them and explained what baptism is and why it's important. We got baptismal dates for ALL of them for the 25th of may!!! It was incredible! Not, we just have to make sure they all get there. This week has been a lot better for me. I think I'm re-learning to rely on the Lord. I thought I had learned to do that in Alabama, but it seems like I needed to be retaught. I'm so grateful for Him and for all He does for me. So its finally starting to get cold here! Especially at night. I love it! Well, I'm gonna send some pics, so I'll be talking to you on Sunday. See you in a bit! Love you all!

I've been teaching elder peralta how to play piano.
This is him playing the maple leaf rag (:

sunrise from the balcony

the book of mormon in italian, spanish, and guarani

most of my socks look like this. I need new socks. Pleeease. 

all our baptismal dates are for the 25th of may haha