Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What once was lost, now is found...

Hello family!
Sounds like everything is going decently well as school starts again. How does everyone like it? I remember when I was in high school.... it's kinda weird that I can actually say that now. =P I'm sorry Jenna's having a hard time. I'll be sure to keep her in my prayers. Yes, we do get fed here, more than we did in Lorna. I still make a lot of my own stuff though. I've been trying to eat at least an apple a day, and I've been adding more exercises to my morning routine. I'm getting a lot stronger (and quite a lot bigger than I used to be). I think Heavenly Father is blessing me for my efforts. Yes, I've been able to play and do all those things. I've played piano at a few member's homes, and I'm almost always singing something. I even taught elder Anderson how to play Lead Kindly Light on the harmonica yesterday. He thought it was so cool haha. Mom: You're helping with the choir??!! That's AWESOME!!! You're going to have a lot of fun (: What is it that you'll be doing? I've rediscovered how much I love photography. I'll send all the pictures I have in a bit, along with the ones from my other camera. Nope. No typo there. MY OTHER CAMERA!!! I FOUND IT!!!! It was right in my BACKPACK which I looked through like 50 times!!!!! We all freaked out when I found it yesterday. Well, I guess you were right, Mom. I had it all along. I do not understand how I didn't see it in my backpack, which I use every single day. So now I have two cameras I guess, haha. And about labeling pictures, we have limited time to email, and I don't exactly know how to do it with gmail. I wish I could, but I'll just have to go through them all with you when I get home. I will say that all the nature/CTR ring pictures were taken at this state park we stopped at to talk to people on the way home from seeing a contact. Just an update: as the 29th gets closer, I will be finding out if I'm going to Argentina next week. If I am, I'll be able to call home for about 20 minutes. Keep me in your prayers! Even if I do end up staying here, it'd be okay, because I've grown to love Alabama. Well, I think that's all for this week. I love y'all!
Elder Jacob Bentz

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  1. Yeah!!! The camera has been found. I hope that every door he knocks on doesn't have that kind of doormat. Happy tracking. He will be well prepared for when he gets to Argentina. Have a great day!