Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, December 3, 2012

Dear family,
Yes, they usually do kill me in futbol, but I've gotten a lot better. It's more fun when I can actually hold my own against them! I'm pretty tired today, and not feeling too well. I hope it doesn't turn into something more. But the good part about today is we had a practice for the Christmas pday program we're going to have. We're all singing Carol of the Bells, Guard Him Joseph, I'm playing my What Child Is This, doing a duet with another sister missionary, and doing a version of where are you Christmas with elder Sturgell on guitar and some other missionaries. Speaking of Christmas, I found a computer of a member to use to skype you Christmas day!!! I'll just need to know what time you'd want me to do it (remember Argentina time is 4 hours ahead) and what I'd need to type in to find you on skype. I'm pretty excited for that (: About the ipod adaptor, it quit working one day so I got rid of it. Sorry! We actually don't have a bedé in our apartment. It's pretty rare to find one in this part of town, and if they do have one they don't use it. It's a rich people thing, so they tell me. So, I haven't had the ¨luxury¨ of being able to use one yet (; Honestly, I have wayyy more than enough money. And if someone does send me money, there's a whole process to get it changed into pesos, and it's a pain. So in other words, don't send me money (: Well, other than that I really don't have anything else to say. I'm just here trying to take it day by day. It's really hard sometimes, but I'm not planning on coming home till 2014 (; I love you all!

Elder Bentz and Elder Tolaba



  1. :)

    My favorite part is where he says, "don't send me money". Those words can be music to a parents ears, I think!

    He looks and sounds good . . . and happy! :)