Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One month...

First off, I have AWESOME news. Me and all the other elders in my district going to Argentina got papers in the mail yesterday telling us about two meetings we have coming up: The first is on June 18th to meet with the visa agents, and the second is on July 2nd to meet with the Argentine Consolate. Soooo in other words..... we're all leaving on time!!! Thank you everyone for all of your prayers. I know for a fact that they all helped. I'm glad everyone liked the s.d. surprise! Elder Sturgell usually sang the higher part and I usually sang the lower part. We sang it on sunday for sacrament, and it was awesome. It made a few people cry, including a new elder who is a voice major at Berklee. Woww. That made me feel quite accomplished. We are practicing our song again today so that we can audition it tomorrow for a fireside. I also put my name in to be chosen to audition for a special choir that willl be singing at the upcoming mission president conference. On the paper, you had to write down the experience you have with choir and any vocal acheivements you've had. Experience is required to even be able to audition, so hopefully I'll be able to. I didn't know there would be so many musical opportunities here! I only wish I got to play piano. I've only been able to play it once in the entire time i've been here. I'm glad to hear (and see) everything going so well at home. Thank you for all the pictures! They seriously made my day. And tell Thor I said Hi  (;  Everything is still going good here. Just the same old stuff every day. I cannot eve believe that I'm already half way done with the MTC. Two years is NOT that much time. Oh, and I will send grandpa's watch back (as much as I'd like to keep it with me) as soon as I am able. Love you all!

May the Force be with you...
para siempre dios este con vos
 -Love, Elder Bentz

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  1. Jacob is really settling in to the MTC life. Great news on the visa front!! Thanks for posting his letters. You're the best, Wendee.