Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The long wait...

Thanks for the mini book of mormon! And The pictures you sent wont show up on the screen, so I can't see them ): Now for some not so good news. After the meeting with the visa agents, we all found out that the next meeting we have is when we sign for the visa in front of the consolate, and only after that (July 3rd) will they send the visa in for approval from argentina. And the wait time is at the most, 6 weeks after that, and my scheduled departure date is July 16th. So in other words, it's 95% positive that I'm going to get reassigned somewhere in the U.S. while I wait for my visa to get approved. That's fine with me, just as long as I don't have to stay in the MTC for longer than I'm supposed to. I want to get out there and start doing REAL work. Don't get me wrong, this place is great, but sitting in a desk for an average of over 7 hours a day gets old. So we'll have to see what happens with that. Piano playing on sunday went good. Though, I didn't even get a chance to audition for the special choir. We all filled out slips of paper a few weeks ago that said how much experience I had with voice lessons, etc. Which I have virtually none of, so I didn't even get a chance to audition. Ohhh well. Something exciting happening here is the new mission president seminar happening the end of this week and the beginnig of next week. So in other words, all of the general authorities will be here throughout those days just walking around the MTC!! That's soo coool! Other than that, it's just the same old story around here. Hope to hear from you soon. Love you all!
para siempre dios este con vos
Love, Elder Bentz


  1. Start of a new adventure is about to start and not any to soon it sounds like. Exciting stuff.

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