Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Week Three

Im glad you got my sd card and enjoyed the pics.  When I send the next sd card home, there will be a special surprise on it for everyone (; To answer the question, there are FIVE of us going to Buenos Aires West in my district. Me, my companion, Elder McBride (the one from Gilbert, went to Highland Highschool. Isn't that Shayne's school?), Elder Smith (a fellow choir nerd), and Elder Nelson (BYU Basketball prodigy). I'm hoping that most if not all of our visas come through on time so that we can fly down there together. I cannot WAIT to get down there and get on with my "real" mission. All of our teachers and volunteers say how good my spanish is for only four weeks and how my accent is really good. That gives me a lot of confidence. I'm glad you enjoyed hearing about my experience with 3 Nephi. I try to share all the big experiences that I can, but so much happens here that sharing everything is simply imossible. I do try though. Thank you for sending the pictures, by the way. Feel free to send as many as you want. My allergies turned into a head cold last week. It was passed around to almost everyone in my district, exact same symptoms and everything. I am completely better now though, and yes I have been taking my vitamins and meds. On a side note, me and my companion came up with an arrangement of "I Know that My Redemer Lives" and are going to sing it for sacrament on sunday. Tomorrow (if we have it down good enough) we're going to audition it sing it for a fireside. That would be sooo awesome to be able to do. To sing in front of all roughly 2,300 Well, hopefully it all works out and we can do that. And if not, at least we tried. If you could send my Grama E's/B's addresses either in a letter or in an email so I can send them something, that'd be great. I love how you all write me individual letters, and I'll try my hardest to respond to all of them. One more thing, do you think I should have you send me one of my other watches? I'm becoming uncertain that taking the one I have now to Argentina would be a good idea since it has such sentimental value. Opinions/ideas would be greatly appreciated. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying summer (aka being bored to death and girlifying my old room ;)  I love you all!
p.s. Thanks for the news update about Argentina! That's so good to hear. 
  *Para Siempre Dios Este Con Vos* (God Be With you till we meet again)


  1. Love to hear how Jacob is doing I wish I could hear the music presentation.

  2. It's so fun to read his letters! Highland high is shaynes school. I'll have to try and figure out if that elder is from our stake!