Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, October 22, 2012

Teaching, Building, Dancing and Rain...

 Hello family,
Is it still weird for you to think that you´re getting this from Argentina? Haha. Well, this week has consisted of lluvia, lluvia, lluvia. (shoo-via: Rain). It´s rained soooo much. Almost every day. And when it rains in Rivadavia, EVERYTHING turns into mud. Thick, soupy, black mud mixed with a good amount of sewage. My feet haven´t gotten too wet though; my shoes are holding up quite well. My castellano is improving every day, little by little. It´s still really hard (sometimes impossible) for me to understand what people are saying, but, like I said, I´m slowwwwwly improving every day. Elder Tolaba is treating me very well. He´s patient and usually doesn´t get frustrated with me. He always tells me, ``¡Usted es un capo, Élder!`` Which basically translates to, ´´You´re really awesome!`` He always braggs to people how good my spanish is  for only having two weeks here. He really does help me a lot. OH! I forgot to mention. I am now an english teacher. We have english classes at the church every saturday at 4 for members and especially investigators. Last saturday, I taught them how to offer a simple prayer in english. It went really well! There will be pictures coming, if I have time to send them. We have some really awesome investigators as well. This week, I had some fun stomach issues. The food finally caught up to me. I am slowly acclamating though. I love all the food I´ve tried here so far, which is good because we get fed a lot. Oh, if you want to send letters, here´s where you send them if you don´t already know:
Iglesia S.U.D.
Elder Bentz
Misión Argentina BAW
C.C. Nº 92
1702 Ciudadela
Buenos Aires, Argentina
The mail goes here, and we get it whenever we have zone conferences. So I might only get mail once, maybe twice a transfer.
So anyways, I´ve been much better this week. I´m a lot more adjusted to things and not shell shocked like I was the first little bit. I always try to talk as much as I can during the lessons and I´m always trying to talk to the members. The members here are very nice to me. Now I´m being told that I don´t have a north american accent, but a Russian-Italian accent, hahahaha. It´s because I roll my R´s too hard. I´ll have to work on that....
Well, I just want to say thank you for all your prayers and support. They are much needed. I love you all. Talk to you next week!
elder bentz

The city

The roads the Elders walk everyday, rain or shine.

Elder Tolaba and their apartment.  All of it.

El Baño! The shower is in the same space as the sink & toilet.

Typical rain in Rivadavia.

Elders caught in the rain.

Helping a family build their home.

Attempting to do Just Dance ;)

Teaching English!

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