Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello family,

Wow, looks like you had quite a week! Thank you sooo very much for all
the pictures of Alix´s baptism. I´m glad it all turned out so well.
I´m so glad she finally got the chance to come home to the gospel.
Thank you for giving her such a warm and loving welcome (: Wow she´s
already looking for names to take to the temple? She´s not wasting any
time, is she! Speaking of baptisms, we had one this past weekend as
well. We had the baptism of Cristian Segovia and his son. Cristian´s
family are all members, but he wasn´t, until now. It all turned out
very well, except for something went wrong with the font right before
the service and water got alllll over the floor. But, with the help of
all the members, we were able to clean it up fairly quickly. I was
asked last-minute to do a musical number, so I chose to sing Conmigo
Quedate, Señor (Abide with me tis Eventide). It turned out VERY well.
Everyone afterwards kept going on and on and on about how good it was,
haha. I´m always happy to use my gifts to help bring the spirit. All
in all, it was a very happy day. So, you´ll never guess what the
weather´s like today.... RAIN. This makes the third rainy PDday in a
row. I don´t mind too much, because the rain cools things down a lot.
It was starting to get pretty warm this past week, and our apartment
has been an absolute oven. It´s basically just a concrete box with a
window on one end. We have no ventilation whatsoever and no fan. So,
rain is good at this point. It also scares away most of the mosquitoes,
which are starting to come out. I have bites alllll over. Living here
has definitely made me grateful for the things we have in the US. We
don´t have cars, so we have to take public transportation (aka buses
and trains) which is not entirely enjoyable. We have no ventilation in
our apartment, no carpet, sometimes no running water, no washing
machine, a toilet that you have to flush by dumping a bucket of water
in it, and we hear every single thing that goes on outside during the
night. And that´s just a small list! =P I´m still trying to learn this
language. I´m able to understand and say a lot more than I was, but
I´m not even close to where I need/want to be. I know it takes
patience and will come with time, but it´s like learning a new song: I
want to play it perfectly right NOW =P. I´ve been pretty good this
week. Still trying to adjust and figure everything out, but a lot more
comfortable. Sometimes I wonder if I´ll ever figure it out. There´s SO
much to learn.... Well, I think that´s all I got for now. No, I don´t
have any specific requests for my Christmas package (: Thank you for
asking! I love you and miss you all so much.


....And more RAIN!

Houses in Ravidavia

Roads in Ravidavia

A leak in the upstairs pipe - Their solution to fix it - A bucket under the leak :/

Segovia Family Baptism

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