Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, November 26, 2012

New Pension

Dear Family,
Wow, seems like forever since I've heard from you! =P It was good to see all the pictures. I always love that part of the emails. Well, first order of business, Elder Tolaba and I are both staying in Rivadavia for another transfer! We were both pretty excited to find that out, since we both love the area and the members. And Elder Sturgell is in my district now! Again! (: As for the new apartment, it's SO much better. And we have a fan now. There will be pictures attached. I'm pretty tired right now. This morning we played fùtbol for two hours (I scored two goals, no easy feat! =D), then we went shopping, had lunch, then came back to the chapel and played some more with some of the youth in the ward. Then we had to travel to a different area to find internet because all the internet in Rivadavia is shut down. Once we got to the area we had to walk a really long ways to find a place with computers; most of the little stores are closed for the feriada (holiday) today. We also had another baptism last Sunday. We baptized an 11 year old named Marilín. It was very spiritual. This time, I played on the guitar and sang Grand Eres Tú, or How Great Thou Art, in English AND Spanish (: It turned out pretty cool. Also, I'm going to get to play my arrangement of what child is this for the WHOLE MISSION soon! The day before Christmas falls on a P day, so we're having a special meeting at the mission office. It's more of a giant musical program. I'll be singing various pieces and playing my song. I'm pretty excited (: I LOVE that I get to use my talents so frequently. I'm also getting a lot better at reading music. I got to practice for awhile today in the chapel. Wow, everyone looks so OLD in all the pictures! Haha. You're all growing up. I can't even imagine what you'll all look like when I get back.... but that's still really far away (;. The singing performance at the hospital went very well. The president of the Argentina Resistencia mission's wife had a stroke a few months ago, and has been there doing rehab, so she doesn't get much as far as spiritual nourishment. She didn't even know we were coming. She was extremely pleasantly surprised and very emotional. Ugh they're closing the store now. NOTHING is open today! I'll have to send my pictures next week. I love you and miss you all and I hope you have another great week. (:

New Pension! (Apartment)
Downstairs in new apartment
Upstairs in new apartment
malta y torta (malta and cake). Looks like coffee but its not (;

Marilín's baptism

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