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Monday, August 19, 2013

The little things

This has been a tiring week for me too, but it's been good nonetheless. Having four missionaries in this ward has been a huge blessing for it. We always have a lot of investigators in church, and the members are getting more excited about missionary work. We are looking forward to some good baptisms in September (FINALLY). Looks like all our efforts have been paying off. Well, I don't have too much to talk about this time. There were a lot of frustrating things that happened this week, but I don't need to talk about it. There was one cool little experience I had, though. The other night, I was talking to one of my converts, Macarena who's 11. She told me, "Elder Bentz, you have to print me a picture of you so that I can show my kids who baptized me." I swear I almost broke down and cried right there. It made me feel so good. The life of that little girl is forever changed because we were able to guide them to baptism. It's little experiences like that that let me know that I'm doing something good here. Well, I hope everybody has a great week and that you're all adjusted to being back to school. I love you!
p.s. YES SHE CAN USE MY COMPUTER. IF SHE WRITES ME MORE =P I already told her that!
love elder bentz

oh yeah, here's the explanation to that picture where I'm playing the drums:
we were walking down the street one night, and suddenly we heard some weird music coming from a house. We went to see who was playing, and we saw this family jamming out together! We asked if we could come in and see, and they let us in. I told them that I play drums, and asked them if I could play a song with them. So they let me play like two songs with them. It was so cool! I had actually talked to that family before, but they never could let us in. so, it was pretty much using my talents to get into a house haha. It was a cool experience.

they always give me this cup when we eat with the Robledo family.

this is macarena, my little convert.
This is the pic im gonna print for her

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