Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1 1/2 Weeks to Go

Hello family!
The first batch of pics you sent didn't show up, but I DID get the ones of Eli on the drums. AWESOME! Looks like he's putting them to good use (: We met with the Argentina Consolate yesterday, and my visa is signed for and ready to go. Now we just have to wait, which at the LEAST will take a month. Things at their office are moving very slow. So that's the bad news. The good news is that I am pretty sure I will still be leaving on time because the MTC can't afford to keep us here much longer than our assigned time. There's just too many people! Now we have about 2,000 missionaries. By the end of next month, they say, they will have just under 3,000. So, they need to get us out of here. Which is good. I'm not sure when I'll know where I'm getting reassigend to. I might not even find out until a few days before I leave. I'll keep you posted. Oh, and just something to be ready for, when I'm at the airport, I get to call home. Who's phone should I call so that the call doesn't get missed?
    My two (and only) weeks as zone leader have been a lot of fun. We got to train all the new missionaries in our zone and take them on a tour of the MTC. I feel like I've lived here for a really. Long. Time. Now I'm getting released on sunday so that we have a week to train the new zone leaders before I leave. That's the shortest calling I've ever had! It was good though. I learned a lot about being a leader. 
As far as things you can send me.... if you happen to come across any juggling balls (I'm being serious) you should totally send me some (: One of the elders in my room got some and I've been learning how to juggle. It might be good to know how to do for when I get to Argentina so all the little kids can laugh at me (:
   Well, I think that's all for now. Love you all!!
   Elder Jacob Bentz
para siempre dios este con vos

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  1. Thanks always for the updates. There are some visa waiters in our mission. Soon we will know where Elder Bentz will be temporarily. Thank-you for the blog.