Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, November 19, 2012

Working Hard

good morning family,

So, I´m writing super early today because we´re all in the mission office to go sing later today. I assume you haven´t had time to write an email yet, but I hope you´ve all had a good week. This week has been pretty good for me. I have really come to love the members and the people here. I hope I get to stay for another transfer. On Wednesday, our district leader came to Rivadavia for the day. In other words, I had to lead the area. I was super nervous beforehand. I didn´t know if I´d be able to do it. But, it actually went really well! I was able to find the houses of all our appointments (though I did get lost a few times, but that´s normal for Argentina). It was a big confidence builder for me. Other big news: We found another apartment!!! Right down the street from the one we´re in now. It is sooo much nicer and sooo much quieter. And brand new besides that. So Elder Tolaba and I are pretty happy about that. Other than that, I´m not really sure if there´s anything else significant to talk about. Everything else has pretty much been more of the same old stuff. The weather, thankfully, has been pretty nice. Not too hot not too cold, and perfect at night for sleeping. Oh, there is one other thing: On Saturday, elder tolaba and I went to a hospital with one of our investigators, Diego (the rest of his family are members) to give his sister who has cancer a blessing. It was very spiritual. Well, I hope that everything is going good at home. I hope I´ll be hearing from you soon. I love you all!

All the family! Me, My Padre elder Tolaba, My abuelo elder douglas, and mi bisabuelo (great grandpa) elder escobar. In other words, elder tolaba is training me, elder douglass trained elder tolaba, and elder escobar trained elder douglass.

Another typical Argentine house

The difference between newly washed and a week of walking. See the holes?!

cool bug I found outside our apartment

The Dog´s name is Lisa. Hhaha. (;

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