Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, January 14, 2013

Lost in the work....

Dear family,

Wow, it's been that cold?! I wish it was cold here... although it hasn't been TOO bad recently. Or maybe I'm just used to it now. Anyways, I've been doing really good. Elder Dressler and I are getting along great, and we're working really hard. But we're always laughing at or about something, so we have a lot of fun at the same time. I think I'm finally knowing what being lost in the work means. We're going to have a baptism this week, and we're both really excited for this one. His name's David (pronounced dah-veed). Three weeks ago, he showed up in church on his own without us ever having seen him before! He told us he was trying to change his life, and we've been able to help him do it. He really is golden. The most prepared person I've met so far on my mission (not like I've been out THAT long, but still =P). My health is back to more or less normal, thank goodness. Argentina hasn't been very nice to me, except for making me really tan and a lot blonder. Oh, speaking of which, were you going to send me some more insoles? Those would be very much appreciated. And also, I don't need a rock climbing clip anymore. Elder Dressler gave me one of his extras. As far as the music goes, everything you said is good. Heck yes on the star wars and classical music! Maybe you could put that celtic christmas music and andean nation on there too? And all the ones that I made on garage band! I can't think of anything else at the moment, but it would be awesome if you could find me as many songs as you possibly can. ¡Por favor y gracias! Speaking of music, I have a new ambition for when I get home: learn the accordion! They use accordion in a lot of music here, and I've come to love the sound. Hey, isn't that what I wanted to learn when I was really little? Funny how things like that eventually come back to you. (: So I have a few requests/suggestions for you. When you send me pictures, could you just attach them as files instead of embedding them in the email? That way I'll actually be able to see them. The computer monitors here are pretty old. If you want to put captions, maybe you could just write them in the email. Also, sending me physical pictures in envelopes would be awesome! Another thing. I almost never hear from any of my siblings, so maybe you could all just use mom or dads email and write me throughout the week when you have time. I won't be able to respond to them all individually, but I would LOVE to hear from everyone personally! So, if you could do those few things, I would greatly appreciate it. (: Well, I think that's about all I got for now. I hope everyone is well and that you are all enjoying the cold weather =P I know I would be! Just be grateful you have heating in the car and in the house. Be grateful that you even have a vehicle that drives for that matter! (; Well, I just want to say that I love and miss everyone and I hope to hear from you next week! ¡Chow!

this is David (pronounced Dah-veed), one of our AWESOME investigators.

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