Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, February 4, 2013

Storms and Puppies

Hey family,
So I'm gonna make this pretty short this week so that I can send home all the pictures that I have. There's like 50 >_<  But, this has been another good week, other than a "refrío del sol" (cold that you get from being out in the sun too much) that I had. We aren't expecting to have too many changes this transfer, so Elder Dressler and I are expecting (and hoping) to stay together. So just a few highlights from the week: The other night we had a HUGE storm. There was a ton of lightning, wind, and rain. Half the neighborhood's still without power and it happened three days ago. Nothing really happened to us, other than a bunch of water got in the apartment. The other thing is we saved a bunch of newborn puppies that were just thrown out on the side of the road in a pile of trash! We were walking with a bunch of the youth to go visit someone and we saw them and decided to take them with us (: Well I'm gonna get to sending pictures. I love you!

David Fernàndez, an AWESOME convert of ours

We visited a cemetary one day.
Nothing like it exists in the US as far as I know...

Sometime you just gotta have a little fun...

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