Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, March 18, 2013

This has been another really good week. We had another awesome baptism Saturday of Mayra (11) and Marlen (16). They're both the sweetest little girls! You'll be getting lots of pictures today (: I confirmed Marlen on Sunday and also gave a 20 minute talk that I was asked to give 9:00 Saturday night. Don't know how I pulled that off...  oh, yes I do. Divine help (; I also played lead kindly light at the baptism on my penny whistle. Everyone loved it. ALL I hear about right now is the new Argentine pope! The only way I see that it's affected anyone's lives is that they talk about it all the time =P Nope, still no  birthday package. Just have to keep waiting, I guess. I'm really glad you all liked my story. That's one of those life-changing experiences that only serving a mission can give you. Well, I'm gonna keep this short, cause I've got a lot of pics to send. Till next week! I love you all!

food that one of the sisters in the ward made for us.
American food: fried chicken and french fries (:

We had a pancake party (:
And yes, we made the pancakes. From scratch.

Strike a pose...

kevin, the son of one of our recent converts

yup. it's that time of year! Finally!
After going through two summers in a row, it's a welcome relief.

jewish food. It was actually pretty good.
there's a sister in the ward that always makes us interesting food.
She made us middle eastern food the other day, which was also pretty good.

Mayra and Marlen

When the oven doesn't work, we improvise (:

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