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Monday, March 11, 2013


Hello family,

This has been another good week. We had the baptism this Saturday of Kevin, the son of one of our recent converts. It turned out extremely well. I even played piano for the whole thing haha. I also got to do divisions with Elder Sturgell again this week. We had a pretty interesting experience. As we were walking down the road, a group of three guys started a conversation with us by asking how many kilometers a day we walk. The conversation went on, and they asked what church we represent. I said, the church of Jesus Christ, or otherwise known as the Mormons. Then one of them said, "You know, I've always wondered where that name comes from." So, obviously, we thought, awesome! They want to know about us! So, we started explaining the book of Mormon and where it comes from. Then the guy suddenly starts attacking the book of Mormon and denying it as scripture because it "isn't the bible." Elder Sturgell tried and tried to explain how it actually is scripture, even by using scripture. He asked the guy if he'd ever read the book, and he said no. Then I said, being a little worked up at this point (the guys were being arrogant jerks about the whole thing), "Then you don't know!! If you've never read it, you can't know what it is." The guy had no response for me. But, the conversation went on, the guys continuing to deny the church and the bom, and I just got angry. So, wanting to put my emotion to good use, I said, with all the conviction, power, confidence, and authority that I've ever said it, "It's true! And I KNOW It's true!" That effectively ended the conversation, and we both went our ways. I was shaking all over, from both anger and from what I just said. I've never born my testimony in such a way before. It proved to me just how strong my testimony really is. It is unbreakable. So, just thought you'd like to hear that story (: unfortunately, I can't sent pics from this computer (it's kinda ancient), so you'll have to wait till next week. I love you all! Oh and I still haven't gotten my package. ): Till next week!

my new friend

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