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Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy 20th Birthday!!!!


Haha thank you so much for the pictures! I miss sloppy joes a ton! I hope you ate a whole bunch for me. And snuck lots of ice cream out of the freezer. Hah, It's crazy the things you forget about.... Anyways, my birthday here was awesome. This ward is amazing. They made me feel like I was celebrating my birthday with my own family. I was sung happy birthday to, and given an total of THREE birthday cakes!!! Isn't that awesome? I still haven't gotten your package yet, but I did get some gifts from the ward. I got a bamboo flute from a sister and a wall clock set in detailed leather from one of our recent converts, Elizabeth. I also got a book of mormon in a native language from Paraguay called Guarani. My first of two birthdays in the mission went very well. (: Staples closed???!!! That's crazy. Wow she's getting her patriarchal blessing? That's wonderful (: That will be a great help to her. I know mine has been for me. When I sometimes feel like I'm not worth very much, it helps me see the potential God sees in me and the plans He has for me. It's been awesome to see some of the things it says being fulfilled right before my eyes. For example, the Gift of Languages. I haven't quite made it to being fluent (yet), but I am completely conversant. I can understand just about 85-90% of what people say, even in normal on-the-street conversations. There were a handful of members in the ward I just could NOT understand when I first got here. Now, I can understand everything they say. It's truly a miracle. We have a bunch of awesome baptisms coming up in the next few weeks. We're pretty excited. (: I also taught Elder Dressler how to play army of helaman this morning on the penny whistle. Hah. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, and I love you all! 

The cake Yoana Coronel made for me!! 

The lady behind me (Marcela) smashed my face into the cake. Haha

The cake the Sotelo family made for me (((:

This is Roxy. She bought the flute for me (:

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