Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, April 1, 2013

New Area...New Companion


Thanks so much for all the pictures!!! I loved them. I'm glad you all had such a good Easter and that my street-confrontation story gave dad something to talk about to fill time =P As you all know, yes, I am now in Loma Grande, one neighborhood away from  Rivadavia. I'm seriously like right next door haha. Looking at a map, the area is west of rivadavia. The neighborhood in between Loma Grande and Rivadavia is called Altos de Merlo. There's a big air force base that splits the area in two. Some of the main streets are Chocano, Bettinotti, La Ruta 200, Albeniz. Maybe that'll help you find it. I LOVE this area already! It's quite a bit smaller than Rivadavia so it's a lot easier to get around. The house we live in is awesome. It's HUGE compared to the last one. It's seriously like living in a mansion. And the church is only two blocks down the road, which is really lucky. Elder Peralta is also awesome. He's from Las Vegas. His parents are from Mexico so he speaks perfect English and Spanish. He's a goofball, but we get along great. we also work/teach very well together. AAAND............. I GOT THE BIRTHDAY PACKAGE!!!! FIIINAALLLY! It only took two whole months... =P Thanks so much for everything you sent me. I'm super jealous that you all actually get to GO to general conference. That's so cool!!! I still remember when I went. That for me was one of those life-altering experiences. Well, just so you know, I am doing very well. Oh, just so you know, the church just changed the policy on emails. We can now email whoever we want, as long as it's not a female living within the mission bounds. Well, I'll be seeing you all in about a month from now. That's right, it's almost MOTHER'S DAY!!! Can you even believe that??? Have a good week everyone (((:

Easter Bunny ;)


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