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Monday, May 6, 2013

Holy Socks and Baptismal Dates


Thanks for all the pictures!! I loved them all, especially the one with the truck all painted. Lisa always did that to me!!! haha. Sounds good, I'll be calling anywhere between 6:30-7:00 my time. Have the computer ready, I'll be skyping. The connection will be a lot better this time too (; I know! I'm already half way done. I can't even believe it. I've changed a lot. And I'm sure I'll be changing even more in the next year. All changes for the better, of course. So, something really amazing happened this last Sunday. We had 8 investigators in church, thanks to the help of some members ( that's awesome, but that's not the amazing thing I'm talking about), and after church ended, we gathered them all up and took them into the room with the baptismal font. We had a lesson with 7 of them and explained what baptism is and why it's important. We got baptismal dates for ALL of them for the 25th of may!!! It was incredible! Not, we just have to make sure they all get there. This week has been a lot better for me. I think I'm re-learning to rely on the Lord. I thought I had learned to do that in Alabama, but it seems like I needed to be retaught. I'm so grateful for Him and for all He does for me. So its finally starting to get cold here! Especially at night. I love it! Well, I'm gonna send some pics, so I'll be talking to you on Sunday. See you in a bit! Love you all!

I've been teaching elder peralta how to play piano.
This is him playing the maple leaf rag (:

sunrise from the balcony

the book of mormon in italian, spanish, and guarani

most of my socks look like this. I need new socks. Pleeease. 

all our baptismal dates are for the 25th of may haha

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