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Monday, May 13, 2013

It always works out in the end...


It was SO awesome to get to see all of you too!!! You've all grown up
a ton (dad especiallly =P haha). It's been a whole year!!! ALREADY!
Time's going sooo fast. Yes, I am happy. Oh! So I have to tell you
what happened last night right after I got off skyp with you. So we
left the bishop's house, and we still needed to find three new
investigators. I was thinking reaaaaally hard about where we could go
to find them. I had not a single idea. Then we walked by the house of
this lady who we'd been trying to talk to for weeks and weeks, but was
never there. I had a feeling we should give it one more try. So we
knocked, and she came out, and let us in with two of her kids there!
They are an awesome family. A WHOLE family too! Married and
everything. The husband wasn't there but we'll talk to him another
day. I showed them the pictures of you all and told them how I just
got done talking with you and how big of a sacrifice it was. It
touched them pretty deeply. Then we had a very spiritual lesson about
baptism. At the very last possible second, everything worked out.
PERFECTLY. When I wasn't sure if it would. I think God's trying to get
it through my thick skull that he's in control and he knows exactly
what he's doing. I just need to not worry, and keep moving forward. I
challenge all of you to do the same in your own lives. Don't worry
about things so much, it ALWAYS works out in the end. Well again, it
was great to see you all. Just a reminder about things for the
package(s): Electric razor, socks, franks red hot sauce, more music
(like my regional choir songs, the other songs I made, scott joplin,
and anything else you can think of), and speakers. I think that was
it.... Unfortunately, there will be no picture again this week ):
Well, I hope everyone is doing fantastic and that you have a great
week. I love you all!

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