Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, May 20, 2013

Home Sweet Home

HAha thanks for all the pics! They were awesome. Can you believe that I was at that some concert a year ago? Wow... DAAAANG! Sydney made that???!!! That's rreeaaally good. Better than I could ever do!!! Well, nothing much to report this week. It was all pretty normal, other than it being FREEZING cold!!! Especially in the apartment. We have two little heaters, but they barely do any good because the apartment's huge. But it's okay, I've got like 5 blankets I sleep under, so I stay nice and warm when I sleep. It's just the getting up that sucks. And getting out of the shower... So we should have some baptisms coming up here pretty soon. We're pretty excited about that. Elder Call and I still get along really well. I get along better with him than I have with any of my other companions. We have a lot of fun. Well, I've got some pictures to send, so I'll get on that. I love you all!

this is called "asado." Argentine BBQ
two kinds of sausage.
One is called "Chorriso" and the other is called "morsilla."
Morsilla is blood sausage

doggy in a stroller

I found this in our house... haha

this is up on our roof

the front door and steps leading up to the roof.
The whole house is on the second floor

La cocina

the main room where we sleep

instead of trash cans, this is what they put their garbage in.
I think it's so the dogs don't come make a mess of it.
me and elder call

this is "El Gauchito Gil."
It's an idol that a lot of people here worship.

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