Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, May 27, 2013

Insane Week...

WEll. Holllyyyyyy cowwwww. I have had the most INsane week of my
entire life. Not even exaggerating. Right now its 7:00 here, and we're
just now getting to do email. I'll explain why. So early this week,
they reopened an area that had been closed. So, they brought an elder
and a mini missionary in to work there in the middle of the transfer.
They called us at 10:20 at night to tell us they's be moving in with
us the next morning. Then today, we went down to the offices with them
to get a bunch of stuff they needed. While we were starting to do
Internet down there, we get another call telling us that they are now
closing the area because another elder in another zone got the visa he
was waiting for, and they couldn't find another mini missionary to be
his companion. SOOO, we had to come ALL the way back home, pack up
their stuff, then go all the way back to the offices with the elder,
and then back home again. Yeah. And that's just the icing on the
craziness cake. Monday. We get on the wrong train to go to the
offices, and when we finally get there, there's a sign on the door
saying that the offices now close at 1:00 in the afternoon. It was
2:00 when we got there. Tuesday. We spend half the day helping the new
elders move in and get them all situated. Wednesday. I ran (not
joking) 15 blocks to a members house with a bathroom because I was
about to dump a load in my pants. It was LITERALLY starting to come
out. I made it though. Juuuuust barely. It was a horrible experience
-_- The rest of the week was basically spent organizing the baptism we
weren't even sure we were going to have. We had to convince the mom
that the kids were ready. Oh yeah, by the way, we baptized three this
weekend. A girl of 14, a girl of 11, and a boy of 8. They're the kids
of an inactive sister. It took everything we had to convince her they
were ready. But we convinced her. Those three were the only ones that
made it to their baptism. It went really well though. I baptized the
little girl of 11 years. She's such a little sweetheart. I also sang
"Asombro me da." (I stand all amazed), one of my favorite hymns. I've
gotten a LOT better at singing on my mission. Well, I wish I could
send pictures, but the computer I'm using is ghetto, so I can't. Till
next time. There's about ten billion other things that happened this
week, but I can't remember any. I'm glad everyone at home is doing
well. I'm sorry that people are sick. Speaking of which, I was sick
too! I had a nasty cold which turned into a sinus infection. I'm
mostly better now though. Well, this week is looking like it might be
just as crazy as the last, so we'll see what happens. We get to go
listen to Elder Quentin L. Cook on Wednesday! I'm pretty excited about
that. okay, I'll talk to everyone next week. I love you all!

Me and Elder Call

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