Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, June 3, 2013

Well, this week wasn´t AS crazy, but it was very unsuccessful. As far as numbers go, we ended horribly. The worst I've ever done, actually. Even though we worked just as hard (if not harder) as usual. But, we talked about it, and we figured out a few things we can improve on. Hopefully this week goes better. We just received word today that between now and august, we will be receiving 150 new missionaries!!! That's a TON! Looks like the entire mission will be training. I'm kinda excited about it. It would be an interesting experience. These next few transfers will be pretty crazy, I think. Man, I always forget that it's hot in AZ right now. The weather's actually been really nice lately. Not too hot, not freezing either. Hearing from Elder Cook was awesome! I got to shake his hand!!! =D We learned a lot of good stuff from him, but he couldn't talk very long because he had to go talk to the buenos aires north mission. It was still really good, though. Well, I hope everyone's doing good and that you aren't sweating too much (you shouldn't be. You lucky Americans have air conditioned everything =P). I have a bunch of pics to send, so I'll get on that. I love you all!
They live in a Poki-ball!!

the only convenient thing about people burning trash
is that it's nice when it's cold

Autumn in Argentina

the three little kids we baptized. Macarena, Evelyn, and Marcos

its a floating castle!

these funny little cars are everywhere here

fayya powwah!

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