Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, July 22, 2013


Haha thanks so much for the pictures! I lovvved them. You're still same old crazy family =P I'm glad you all had so much fun! I've been pretty good. Just SOOOOOO COOOOLLLLD. I can't even believe how cold it is right now! At night especially. it's hard to heat up the apartment because it's so huge. This was a pretty rough week for us. We had a really hard time finding people that would let us in or that would be willing to progress in any way. But, we know that the lord saw our effort and knows our desires. Oh i got your package last week! Thank you sooo much (especially for the frank's =P). Also, mom, holy COW that was a good talk!!! You could be like a general authority or something =P Haha. So i just got done talking to elder dressler in the offices, and he was telling me how all the converts we had are doing. it made me SO happy to know that almost all of them are doing very well. And a lot of people we had been working with for a long time are now active in the church or about to get baptized. I LOVE hearing things like that! It lets me know that I did at least some good (: Well, I'm gonna send some pictures. Till next week! Love you!

makin' omellettes

I feel out numbered!  =P

pretty much the coolest car I've ever seen!

these are little mini windmills that make lights when the wind blows in them

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