Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, July 29, 2013

Well, this had definitely been an interesting week. It was another challenging one too. the lord has been pushing us to our absolute limits. It's been very hard, but I know that heavenly father sees our work. I know he's preparing us for something even better. Ha, at the start of my mission, I'm not sure if i had that perspective on things. Now I do (: So this week, I got to go out to a little city wayyyy out in the countryside called Lobos (which means "wolves." No idea why they named it that...) to do a baptismal interview for them. We took a freezing cold, two-hour train ride to get there. We got there, I did the interview in 10 minutes, then we had to jump right back on the train before it left again. It was a cool experience, getting to see the argentine countryside. Another interesting experience: the other day elder santizo and I decided we were going to pick a street and contact it. but this time, we tried something I'd never done before. We said a prayer asking for guidance, pulled out the map, and started looking at the streets. I kept looking for a street, but nothing really caught my attention. Then my eyes fell on one street called "Machado," and I looked at it for like 5 seconds. Then Elder santizo said, "Machado." Obviously, we took that to be our answer. So, we wen there and started contacting houses. We talked to a good 10 different people who all told us to come back another day, but no one let us in. So, we're not exactly sure why it was that street, but I guess we'll see. Okay, last cool story. So, remember when I told you about that less-active family that me and elder peralta decided to visit a long time ago, and they all started coming back to church? I can't remember if I told you or not... but anyways, the Breppe family are all members, except for their dad. When we first started visiting them, they told us that he didn't want anything to do with the church. We challenged them to pray and fast as a family that their dad's heart would be changed, and they did it. Then, a few months later, their dad came to church a few times. Then the area split, and their family lives in where the other elders are working. One day, they came back to the apartment and told us that they set a baptismal date with him. I nearly fell over!!! I couldn't believe it! And last night, i had the privilege of doing his baptismal interview. It was really incredible. I've known this family my entire time here and have become very close to them, Now, he's getting baptized next weekend, and next year they're getting sealed as a family in the temple. They all thanked me about a hundred times for visiting them that day. When I think of having success as a missionary, that's what I think of. A family that will now be sealed together forever. All because we visited them one day. Hope you all have a great week. I love you!
Elder Bentz

these guys are playing a kind of music called "Chamamé."
It comes from northern argenina.
It was soooo cool to see! It made me want an accordion even more.
 Haha they even started teaching me how to play it on guitar.
the guitar he's playing is 60 yearws old and the accordion is 110 years old.

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