Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, July 8, 2013


This has been a pretty good week for us. Early in the week, we had another companionship come and stay in our area and work with us. They're from a really far-away area and they had to go to the capital to do a bunch of papers, so they just stayed with us and helped us out. So we had four elders working at once in our area! Then elder davila started having some weird stomach pains, so the next day we went to this hospital in capital. After they did some tests and stuff on him (and being there literally ALL day), they decided he didn't actually have anything and just told us to go home. They didn't even give him any medicine to take! Guess they were right, because the next day he was completely fine haha. So, interesting story. We've developed this funny tactic for finding new people. We'll knock a house and say, "Just a quick question, we're looking for "MarĂ­a" (or any other common name from here). We think the other missionaries were talking to her. Do you happen to know her?" And so on and so forth. Well, the other day, we asked a guy if he knew maria, and he showed us a house right down the street. Turns out, there actually WAS a maria that lived there. We went back to them a few days later, and it turns out that they are an AWESOME family. The husband actually got to know the church because he works in personal security. When the prophet came here a few years back, he was one of his security escorts. Pretty cool how that all worked out! Heavenly Father always has people prepared for us, we just have to have the faith we'll find them. And also work like we're going to find them. Anyways, we also had a baptism this weekend. FINALLY! Last month was pretty difficult for us in terms of baptisms. It was a 11 year old girl named Luciana. We've been working with her entire family now for awhile. We're trying to get the rest of them to do the same thing Luciana did. Well, I hope everybody enjoyed oregon. Send me lots of pictures!!! I love you all

elder jacob bentz

one of our investigators. We have a dog, they have a duck. haha.
Woah... we have a DOGGGG????????????????????????????????????? =O

this is the Breppe family. I love them!!!

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