Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, September 16, 2013

Staying in Loma Grande


Well, I wanted him to stay, buuuut he left haha. This has been such a crazy week. Hmm seems like I say that a lot huh? i don't think "normal" exists on the mission haha. Well, we had transfers. My name came up, and it said "companion to be announced." I didn't have a companion! I was supposed to get a mini missionary, but he decided not to come at the last second. So, I was in a trio for a few days, until they found another mini friday, now I'm with him. So yeah, I've just been all the heck over the place this week. It's also been really cold and rainy the last few days. This time of year, the weather changes super fast. One day you're sweating because of heat, and the next your shivering cold. Sooo yup, here I am, STILLLLL in Loma Grande haha. Y'all just might as well move my membership record to be here permanently.  IVE BEEN HERE FOR SO LONG!!!! But it's okay, I love the people here. It'll be pretty hard when it comes my time to leave. So what kind of dog is Bear? I can't figure out what she is. Well, I hope you all have a great week and that you know that I love you all very much. Till next week!

E' Bentz

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNA!!!!!!!!!!!! 9 years old. Wow, you're getting old! Haha =P

bear is so cuteee!!!! I can't wait to meet her (: I've really come to love animals on my mission. Haha no idea why

sometimes you can't tell if they're sunrises or sunsets........

the coolest little hamster thing i've ever seen! (:
La Torreto's: Possibly the best pizzeria in all of buenos aires. 
right around the corner from where we live
the sunrises are just as cool as the sunsets

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