Argentina, Buenos Aires West Mission
May 2012 - May 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014


The eggs from one of the member families. They got it from some farm I think. But anywaysss. hows life at home? Everyones STILL sick? Woww must be a pretty nasty bug. Yes, I have my debit card, and yes i would like to have a little extra cash, for souvenirs and stuff (; So if you could figure that out, thatd be great. Things are going okay here. Frustrating as ever, trying to get people to come to church. Its the same story as always, but I'm just getting tired. I've been doing this for a longggg timeee. All I want to do is end my mission well. I hope God will help me do that. Time's FLYING! Other than that, everythings well here. The weather is gorgeous, fall starts the 21st of march. Ha so that means it'll be super hot again when i get back. But, we have AIR CONDITIONING!!!! =D I've also been practicing my Portuguese with those discs you sent me. I've basically got the pronunciation down, i just need to learn more grammar and vocab. I'm thinking about doing Rosetta stone or something when i get back to learn it better. Well, I'm gonna send a ton of pictures. I love y'all!

E' Bentz

I named him Clifford the big black dog.
He's seriously HUGE! But he's super nice
the beauty of campo...

this guy was teaching me the accordion
AND was going to get baptized, but he moved )))))))))):

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